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Therapeutic Donor Insemination

Therapeutic Donor Insemination

Donor insemination is advocated for a couple where in the husand has no sperms (azoospermia) or very low count (severe oligoashenospermia). in case the husband is known to be the carrier of a hereditary disease, the couple may opt for A.I.D.For many men, unfortunately, infertility implies manhood at stake and they may find it difficult to accept the concept of A.I.D. Very careful counseling is always carried out by us at the clinic. The informed consent of both husband and wife is advocated.

The semen specimen is quarantined one. All donor specimens are carefully screened for viral markers HIV,HbSAG,HCV sexually transmitted diseases prior to being used for insemination Blood group matching is done.

Donors are matched generally with that of the husband for, height, hair and eye color . The identity of both the donor and the couple will be kept confidential. The woman will undergo serial sonography to get the exact date for the procedure. It is painless office procedure. It is our practice to create more than one egg to get better results.