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Male Infertility Evaluation

Male Infertility Evaluation

Semen analysis
To do semen analysis, a fresh semen sample (no more than a half hour old) is collected and then analyzed in at RAJ IVF CENTRE. The sample is collected at the centre by masturbation in a clean container provided at site. The couple is asked abstain from sex for two to three days. Instruction will be given not to use lubricated condoms for collection. There is a lot of interobserver variation in the count. We have at RAJ IVF centre a luxury of assessing your count using Makler’s Chamber ( Safi international. Israel), devise specially designed to get accurate count. A correlation can be drawn in what you see in lab and what matters for fertility.

Sperm Migration Test
Overlaying the semen with Media designed for washing, and incubating over a period of couple of hours and assessing for the harvest what we get will give the patient feasibility and the method we need to adopt in a given situation to get best of the results.

Antisperm antibody
Testing for auto antibodies is necessary in view of reduced fertility in couples having these antisperm antibodies. Binding of the antibodies reduce the motility of sperms, the interaction of sperm and egg is hindered with, and sperm may not be able to negotiate the cervical mucous. Detection is simple-semen analysis gives bit of insight and a blood test will usually confirm the presence of antibodies. Steroid therapy may alleviate the problem. Some couple will benefit from IUI. IVF with additional incorporation of ICSI will help most couple to get rid of this problem.

The presence of varicose veins in the testicles leads to raise in testicular temperature which intern reduces the sperm production and maturation. Fertility potential of sperms goes down. This condition is thought to affect 15% of the general male population but in about 35- 40% patients present with male infertility. Diagnosis; Most of the times this is a clinical diagnosis and a semen analysis pattern gives enough clues to the presence of varicocele .USG and color Doppler is not done routinely at our centre as the impact of sub clinical variety on infertility is not convincing. Treatment is surgical. We routinely advocate cold sponging before surgery. Medical line of treatment with antioxidants are being tried .