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Fertility Enhancing Surgery

Fertility Enhancing Surgery

Diagnostic Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy

Diagnostic proceduresDiagnostic laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy are usually combined and we recommend it as an initial approach in selected cases like long standing infertility. This is one day procedure and patient can resume her activities in couple of days. But we at our centre recommend Diagnostic Hysteroscopy prior to IVF. During laparoscopy we look for any evidence of Pelvic Tuberculosis, endometriosis and adhesions. Tubal patency is part of the procedure.


Diagnostic proceduresEndometriosis comes in the way of conception in various ways. Endometriosis in the pelvis may cause adhesions which in may hinder the sperm egg interaction.It sometimes prevents eggs being released from ovary. Endometrioma a cyst in the ovary caused by conglomeration of focii of endometriosis do have impact on fertility and may need attention either Medical or surgical.

Tubal cannulation

Proximal tubal occlusion can be taken care of by Tubal cannulation procedure. This a done either by Hysteroscopy or fluoroscopy. We prefer Hysteroscopic option as it helps us visualize the cavity at the same time.

Tubal Reversal (Microsurgery)

Tubal Recanalisation is the microsurgical procedure for reversal of family planning operation (sterilization). If you desire to have a child subsequently or in an unfortunate circumstance if pregnancy is contemplated, you have an option of reversal operation. The couple needs to undergo some basic tests. The procedure takes about 2 hours. We do use loupes and a very fine suture material. We prefer to do it between seventh to tenth day of menses. We have been consistently given a good success results for this operation. Though the success rate (Carry home baby rate) depends on the age factor and type of sterilization operation, presuming that the sperm count is adequate. Chances are good if the Falope rings are used as we do get adequate length of fallopian tube. For post delivery sterilizations and use of cautery, chances dip a little.