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Donor Egg Cycle

Donor Egg Cycle

You have an option of egg donation if you have low ovarian reserves(low AMH), premature ovarian failure, multiple IVF failures ,bad egg quality or severe endometriosis where ovarian accessibility and reserves are at stake or in case of genetic disease.

Serum AMH, a blood test to assess your ovarian reserves is a good indicator apart from clinical scenario, where you need to draw a line and opt for donor cycle.

The ICMR guidelines do not permit the use of known (friends or relatives) donors. The donors are recruited through agency and usually look for young women with excellent reproductive potential who are paid for their help. We can use of commercial egg donors for this purpose. Donor screening is done meticulously which includes HIV, Hepatitis B, HCV and VDRL and other checks as requested by couples.

Your donor will sign a consent form in which she relinquishes all rights and responsibilities regarding her donated eggs.

Cycle synchronization, whether you wish fresh or frozen oocytes are few of the things we can discuss at the initial consultation.